FTP Sites for Download of GIS and Other Data

Border Aquifers Map photo

The NMWRRI maintains an active water data and information library as well as GIS information. These ftp sites provide folders containing GIS data as well as other files that can be downloaded. For IE users, we recommend that you uncheck the box for "Enable folder view for FTP sites" in the Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab before proceeding.

GIS Data from water.nmsu.edu

  • There are a number of folders: hueco, lrg, mesilla, & transbon. The lrg folder contains gaged streamflow data for all gages in the Lower Rio Grande Project of New Mexico and Texas from 1975 to 2002 in xls spreadsheets.

  • The mesilla folder contains GIS data developed as a part of NMWRRI Technical Completion Report 305.

  • The transbon folder contains GIS and other data developed as part of 2 other NMWRRI research projects that focused on border groundwater.

GIS Data from river.nmsu.edu

  • This site mirrors the wrri.nmsu.edu site and also includes 2005 doqq & topo for southcentral NM as well as doqq & topo for far west Texas.

GIS Data from water.nmsu.edu

  • This site mirrors the wrri.nmsu.edu site.

Water level contours map