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W58 Nov. 21-22, 2013— New Water Realities, WRRI Report No. 364,Hardcopy
Cost $15.75

W57 Aug. 28, 2012— Hard Choices, Adapting Policy and Management to Water Scarcity, WRRI Report No. 361, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W56 Dec. 13-14, 2011— New Water New Energy: A Conference Linking Desalination and Renewable Energy. WRRI Report No. 360, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W55 Dec. 1-3, 2010— Water Needs in the Next Decade: How Will Institutions Evolve to Meet Our Water Needs in the Next Decade? WRRI Report No. 359, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W54 Oct. 15-16, 2009— Water Planning in a Time of Uncertainty, WRRI Report No. 353, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W53 Oct. 22-23, 2008— Surface Water Opportunities in New Mexico, WRRI Report No. 347, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W52 Nov. 29-30, 2007— Beyond the Year of Water: Living within Our Water Limitations, WRRI Report No. 343, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W51 Oct. 3-4, 2006— Water Quality for the 21st Century, WRRI Report No. 340, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W50 Oct. 18-20, 2005— New Mexico Water: Past, Present, and Future or Guns, Lawyers, and Money, WRRI Report No. 339, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W49 Sep. 21-22, 2004— Water Desalination and Reuse Strategies for New Mexico, WRRI Report No. 336, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W48 Nov. 5-6, 2003— New Mexico Water Planning 2003, WRRI Report No. 329, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W47 Oct. 10-11, 2002— There's No Doubt, We're in a Drought, WRRI Report No 326, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W46 Nov. 5-7, 2001— Watershed Management: Restoration, Utilization, and Protection, WRRI Report No 323, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W45 Dec. 4-6, 2000— Water, Growth and Sustainability: Planning for the 21st Century, WRRI Report No 319, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W44 Dec. 2-3, 1999— The Rio Grande Compact: It's the Law! WRRI Report No 312, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W43 Oct. 22-23, 1998— Water Challenges in the Lower Rio Grande, WRRI Report No. 310, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W42 Oct. 2-3, 1997— Water Issues of Eastern New Mexico, WRRI Report No. 304, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W41 Sep. 19-20, 1996— Integrated Water Resources Management: Northwestern New Mexico as a Case Study, WRRI Report No. 302, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W40 Oct. 26-27, 1995— Reaching the Limits: Stretching the Resources of the Lower Rio Grande, WRRI Report No. 297, Hardcopy Cost $15.75

W39 Nov. 3-4, 1994— The Water Future of Albuquerque and Middle Rio Grande Basin, WRRI Report No. 290, Hardcopy Cost $21.00

W38 Sep. 30-Oct. 1, 1993— Addressing Water Issues through Conflict Resolution, WRRI Report No. 284, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W37 Nov. 5-6, 1992— Multicultural, Multiuse: Planning New Mexico's Water Resources Future, WRRI Report No. 273, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W36 Nov. 7-8, 1991— Agencies and Science Working for the Future, WRRI Report No. 265, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W35 Nov. 15-16, 1990— Toward a Common Goal: Forging Water Quality Partnerships, WRRI Report No. 257, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W34 Oct. 26-27, 1989— The Relationship of Water Issues: Southeastern New Mexico as a Case Study, WRRI Report No. 248, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W33 Oct. 27-28, 1988— Water Planning from the Town Up, WRRI Report No. 238, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W32 Nov. 5-6, 1987— Ground Water Management, WRRI Report No. 229, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W31 Oct. 23-24, 1986— Managing the River, WRRI Report No. 219, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W30 Oct. 24-25, 1985— Megatrends in Water Resources, WRRI Report No. 166, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W29 Apr. 26-27, 1984— Water Law in the West, WRRI Report No. 181, Hardcopy Cost $10.00

W28 Apr. 5-6, 1983— Water Quality in New Mexico, WRRI Report No. 169, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W27 Apr. 1-2, 1982— Hope for the High Plains, WRRI Report No. 145, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W26 Mar. 26-27, 1981— Water for a Growing and Changing Sunbelt State, WRRI Report No. 134, Hardcopy Cost $5.25

W25 Apr. 24-25, 1980— A Quarter Century of Water Research, WRRI Report No. 124, Hardcopy Cost $10.00

W24 May 3-4, 1979— The New National Water Policy: Will it Work in New Mexico? WRRI Report No. 112

W23 Apr. 27-28, 1978— New Mexico Water Resources: Considering the Possible, WRRI Report No. 101

W22 Apr. 28-29, 1977— Water in the Future: 208 and You, WRRI Report No. 089

W21 Apr. 1, 1976— The Safe Drinking Water Act, WRRI Report No. 072

W20 Apr. 3-4, 1975— Water for Energy, WRRI Report No. 053, Hardcopy Cost $10.00

W19— Papers supporting the theme of the proposed Conference, Water in Food and Fiber Production, WRRI Report No. 039No conference was held in 1974

W18 Apr. 5-6, 1973— State Water Plan, WRRI Report No. 026, Hardcopy Cost $5.00

W17 Apr. 6-7, 1972— Water in Land Use Planning, WRRI Report No. 007

W16 Mar. 25-26, 1971— Water-A Key to a Quality Environment, Hardcopy Cost $5.00

W15 Mar. 12-13, 1970— Water: There is No Substitute

W14 Mar. 27-28, 1969— Water Research and Development

W13 Mar. 28-29, 1968— Water for New Mexico to the Year 2000 and 2060

W12 Mar. 30-31, 1967— Water Quality-How Does It Affect You?

W11 Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 1966— Water Economics with Limited Supplies and a
Increasing Population

W10 Apr. 1-2, 1965— People and Water in River Development

W9 Mar. 19-20, 1964— Research: The Key to the Future in Water Management

W8 Jul. 1-2, 1963— Saline Water Conference

W7 Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 1962— Water in 50 Years of Statehood with a Look to the Future

W6 Nov. 1-2, 1961— Groundwater

W5 Nov. 1-2, 1960— Watershed Management

W4 Nov. 5-6, 1959— Water and Water Law

W3 Nov. 6-7, 1958— New Mexico Water Present Use and New Sources

W2 Nov. 7-8, 1957— Water for Your Problems and Mine

W1 Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 1956— No Title, Hardcopy Cost $10.00

Special Report 1 September 1956— Water Resources and Their Economic Importance in New Mexico, a set of papers presented at a staff and graduate seminar conducted by the Agricultural Economics Department, New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, State College, New Mexico, Hardcopy Cost $10.00